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Using Literature To Explain Mathematical Concepts Tags: literature in math math and literature math literature math in literature math stories math and reading

If you enjoy using “living books” to help teach mathematical concepts in a more real world way, here are some links to a list of titles, and the lessons to go along with them. Some of the books are about math, covering specific topics like probability; or Algebra

And some of the books have nothing to do with math, per se, but are used to illustrate certain concepts. For example, activities are suggested for The Chronicles of Narnia  and A Wrinkle in Time

Here are the main links. They cover mostly middle and high school math:

Using Literature for Math  

Literature in Math

For additional math links, visit the Math Group.

Live Animal Web Cams Tags: live animal web cam live animal cameras live animal video live wildlife cameras habitats of animals live zoo camera animals and habitats

A fun activity to add to a nature study or science unit is watching animals in their “natural” habitats -- animals on a farm or zoo, pets at home, wild birds that visit backyard feeders. Another good option, thanks to today’s technology, is viewing live animal web cams. There are scads of them these days that stream real-time animal activity from zoos, aquariums, and wildlife parks all around the U.S. and the world.

You can use them to have your kids make observations like scientists and record  what they see in paper or electronic notebooks or logs. Examine habitats and compare to other animals; do long-term studies of particular animals; make a list of questions raised about what’s being observed. Could be something used in your own family, or with a homeschool co-op.

Here’s a list of some live web cams of an assortment of animals. I tried to pick ones that have some action. These are all real-time – as opposed to recorded video, or video that refreshes every so often. I like the real-time ones best, although the animals will sometimes walk out of the frame. If you know of any others that are especially good, please post a link. 

Elephants  San Diego Zoo

Penguins  California Academy of Sciences; offers three views: wide, underwater, and biologist

Flying Skunk Farm   Daily life in a chicken yard; you can feed the chickens by clicking on a button on the site

Steve's Ant Farm

Southeastern Guide Dogs  Puppy Cam

Hornby Island Eagles   When you get to the site, you'll find the eagle link and other cam options under the Live Now tab.

Bird Feeder  

North American Bear Center  Three bears live here: Ted, Honey and Lucky

Polar Bear  San Diego Zoo

Marwell Wildlife  Live cam of Coati and Pygmy Hippo; other still video cams showing lemur, gibbon, tiger, and others, refresh every five minutes

Happy Independence Day, America!
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Anatomy of fireworks  interactive from Nova

WatchKnow 4th of July Videos 

Lessons on Patriotism

Montessori 4th of July


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