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US Presidents and Government
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Presidents: ​Activities and Study Resources:†

The U.S. Presidency: PBS Learning Media site with 60-second Presidents video collection, presidential portraits and biographies, and information on the duties and powers of the President, first ladies, speeches, and teachers guides on select presidents and first ladies.

Kids Discover Unit on the Presidency includes info on presidential powers and responsibillities, the cabinet, and presidential portraits.

POTUS: Facts and trivia.

Air Force One: Inside and Out

More Resources from Awesome Stories

BrainPop Vids on U.S. Presidents: use sign in username:†brie132




Free Readers:†

The Executive Branch(30-page download on the powers of the Presidency)

Watch†this video†for a plain English explanation of the U.S. electoral process. Use this "How to Watch a Presidential Debate" worksheet†to examine various aspects of debating, such as†the setting, techniques of persuasion, favorite phrases, rehearsed responses, camera cutaways, and post-debate analysis.†

Civics and Economics Units†This download correlates with the†Glencoe†textbook,†​Civics Today: Citizenship, Economics & You.†Covers 7 units on: citizenship, foundations of American Government, the US Constitution, branches of government, voting and elections, state and local governments, law. Includes suggested pacing, worksheets and graphic organizers.†111 pages.​

Shmoop Videos:†


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If you would like to encourage your teens to continue reading over the summer, and maybe get through some classics on the high school reading lists, here are some audio/visual resources that may help:

  • SYNC Young Adult Audio Books and Classics

Throughout the summer, Audiofile Magazine is offering free downloads of selected classics and YA bestsellers. They present the audiobooks in pairs, matching YA titles with classics that have similar themes, such as:†

The program begins on April 27th.†Click here for 2017 schedule.

  • Video Summaries/Analyses of the Classics

60 Second Recap features video overviews of classic literature, such as Huck Finn, 1984, Shakespeare plays, and more. For each classic, there is a discussion of the plot, characters, themes, motifs and symbols, broken down into 60 second†chunks. The site has a resources page that gives definitions of literary elements (allegory, satire, etc.), tips on how to write a paper, and tips on how you can communicate effectively in 60 seconds.

Summer Olympics 2012
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From July 27 to August 12, more than 10,000 athletes will be participating in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Explore more at the†London 2012 Olympic Games site and these additional links:

Road to London: See event schedules, view athlete and team profiles, sport descriptions, photo and video galleries, and play a game called London Countdown

Visitorís Guide: If youíre planning to visit London this July or August, MapsofWorld has available on its site detailed venue maps showing the distance and accessibility from airports and bus stations, and ticketing information. Thereís also information on Olympics history, sports and participating nations for this yearís games.

Follow the Torch: Learn about the history of the torch relay and view the route.

Olympic Symbols: Download a PDF on the history and meaning of the rings, flame, motto of the Olympics.

Sports Slideshow: Watch a slideshow highlighting the 26 sports in which athletes will compete.

Activities and Printables: Lots of stuff from Enchanted


More Activities and Printables: Lots of stuff from Activity Village


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