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A Beka, BJU (and other) Review Resources
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At, you'll find review materials, like online games and quizzes, that correspond with A Beka and BJU readers, textbooks and workbooks. The site's free resources include:

  • Reading: Vocabulary review games for grades 5 - 7; also printable flashcards and literary elements review
  • SpellingA Beka spelling games for grades 1 - 4; click into the grade and list you're reviewing, and you're taken to the SpellingCity activities for that list.
  • ScienceReview games for grades 3 - 7 that cover main concepts in each chapter. For some of the books, there are online study guides.
  • HealthGames, online study guides, and printable flashcards for middle school health; there are also human body study charts.
  • HistoryReview games for Our American Heritage and New World History and Geography; review games and some printable study guides for several Heritage Studies grades.
  • PhonicsGames and printable flashcards that correspond to A Beka phonics charts.
  • BibleGames for reviewing Bible facts.

The site also features a number of short powerpoint presentations that cover topics in grammar; literature (genre types, elements of literature, and literary analysis); math, and Bible. There are more links to additional resources. Check it out.


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