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As much as physically going to a school and sitting behind a desk in a classroom for hours is tons of fun, taking online courses can be just as exciting! Seriously though, sometimes classroom settings are necessary and even better for certain subjects. However, there are some occasions when taking classes online are a good way to go. And after taking some community college classes (3 online and 2 seated) I've compiled a list of five reasons why you should take online classes.

1. You can work independently.

The instructor basically posts a list of all the things you need to complete and a due date. Usually you have a week or (like with my ENG 111 class) two weeks to read the textbook chapters, write the papers, take the quizzes, and answer the discussion board questions for that module. But there are no scheduled classroom times! You can take Quiz 5 at three in the morning, spread out your reading over everyday of the week, or do everything the night before. With seated classes, your quizzes are scheduled and your teacher will quickly go through one chapter on Monday and be on to the next one by Tuesday. It's easier to work at your own pace online: if you need to slow down, you can slow down. If you're really good at this subject and you want to get it all over with it one day, you can do that too.

2. You learn more.

In my experience, seated class periods are spent doodling, zoning out, texting, talking, or sleeping. No one pays attention to the boring PowerPoint slides, or anything the teacher is saying (especially when she starts telling long stories about her personal life that have nothing to do with what she's supposed to be teaching.) Quite often, those 1 or 2 hours you spend in class are a complete waste of time. You have to go back and read the textbook to learn the information anyway. With an online class, chances are when you sit down to read or watch a video or take a test, you're doing it because you feel prepared and ready. You WANT to do this now. Because of that, you're more likely to actually retain the information, which is really the point of taking classes!

3. The tests are easier.

If you're not a good test taker, enroll in lots and lots of online classes. All the tests are open book. So you don't have to really study and excessively memorize useless terms for your online exam. However, you do still need to have been reading and keeping up with the class. Don't expect to have never cracked open the textbook and still pass. The instructors love to throw in questions that involve random sentences throughout the chapters, and unless you've read them, they're not going to ring a bell and you won't be able to go back and find them. The tests are timed, but usually if you have to stop 30 minutes in and want to resume it from that point later, you can do that. And for all those people who say online exams aren't fair for students in seated classes, that's not true. You don't have to be a great student to get high grades in some live community college classes either! (20 point grade curves, extra credit, etc.)

4. You don't have to GO anywhere.

You can go to class in your bedroom, in the car, or on the beach. It doesn't matter. As long as you have your computer, textbook, and internet connection, you have access to your class anytime, anywhere. Don't feel well? Take your exam in your PJs! Want to sleep in? Everything will still be waiting for you a few hours later. What's better than that?

5. You can get more help.

The online instructors are usually very fast to respond to your emails with any questions, comments, or concerns you have about the class. With the classes I've taken, I've gotten more comprehensive, timely answers from my online teachers than I have from the instructors of my seated classes. And that's very important, especially when we're talking about help with research papers and projects. Also, the instructors usually post lots of websites, videos, and other helpful learning resources.

So there you have it. Five reasons why YOU should take online classes. I hope they help you out as you get ready to enroll for the upcoming summer and fall semesters!


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