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Free Genetics Resources
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The University of Utah's Genetic Science Learning Center offers two sites for learning the basics of DNA:

LearnGenetics: Here, you’ll be presented with an animated tour of DNA, videos that explain how genetic traits are passed from one generation to the next, and a look inside of a cell. You can see how cells compare in size to molecules, atoms, and other objects, and build a DNA molecule.

TeachGenetics: The companion website to the one above, here, you’ll find ready-to-use “print-and-go” activities with instructions, worksheets, visuals, and answer keys. For example, you can download Have Your DNA and Eat It Too which includes instructions for making edible DNA with Twizzlers and mini marshmallows.

More Readings, Videos and Activities: 

Glencoe textbook chapters on: Mendel and Meiosis; DNA and Genes; Patterns of Heredity; Genetic Technology.

Punnett Squares Virtual Lab

Make a Monster Traits Activity and Instructions

Howard Hughes Medical InstituteLearn about DNA, stem cells, and genomics and chemical genetics, among other topics. Most topics feature videos, animations, interactives, and articles. In the “Classroom” section of the site, you will find activities and teachers guides.

DNA From the BeginningReadings, animations and videos covering topics in Genetics.

BrainPop on Heredity

High School Science Alternatives
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By alternatives, I mean to the traditional general biology - chemistry - physics track that many high school students follow when headed to college. Some homeschoolers, depending on their children's interests, like to do other physical sciences or focus on a specific aspect of biology. The following links are to free online courses for some science alternatives: 

Georgia Virtual Learning: At this link to their Science page, you'll find courses in Anatomy and Physiology, Astronomy, Environmental Science, Forensic Science, Oceanography, and general Physical Science.

SaylorOffers courses in Zoology, Marine Biology, Molecular and Cellular Biology.

Forensics IllustratedIncludes PowerPoint presentations, projects, labs, and tests.

DNA From the BeginningReadings, animations and videos covering topics in Genetics.

Earth's Dynamic Systems: Online textbook. You can also visit Online Labs for Geology.

HippoCampusHas a number of earth science and environmental science resources.

Bozeman Science: YouTube Videos made by a high school science teacher on Anatomy and Physiology.

Astronomy - State of the ArtBeginning astronomy course from udemy.

Have you found any free science resources for high school science? Please share them in comments.

Make Edible DNA Tags: dna lesson plans dna lesson lesson plans on genetics what is dna dna structure genetics for kids

Thought this looked pretty cool. The TeachGenetics website has a lesson plan for building an edible model of DNA using Twizzlers and marshmallows of different colors. Geared for kids in grades 5 - 12, the teaching guide includes information on basic DNA structure, and the rules of base pairing.

Visit the site's Print and Go Index for additional lessons that include worksheets, overhead masters, and answer keys that can be downloaded in PDF.


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