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Destinos: An Introduction to Spanish - LIBRARY OF RESOURCES
Category: Academics
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Let this collection of study guides, videos, interactives, and PDF files help you celebrate the Hispanic heritage by teaching you how to speak Spanish while engrossed in a mysterious story.
It's all one huge Spanish soap opera, but you also learn Spanish at the same time. Brush up your Shakespeare (I mean, Spanish) and have a good time traveling to Spain, Argentina, Puerto Rico, and Argentina.
Oh yes, right-click on any of the videos once they are playing and you will fill the entire screen.  ESC brings you back to the small version.

Destinos: An Introduction to Spanish - LIBRARY OF RESOURCES;setcount=100;detail=3

Children's Books: Hans Wilhelm - LIBRARY OF RESOURCES Tags: masterpieces children's-literature foreign-language artworks germany christian-heritage

I was exploring the Book Club section of this website when I discovered the Hans Wilhelm books at Children's Books Forever.  Well, this is a fine collection but I knew there were more out there on the Internet.

Thus, this past weekend I created a Library of as many complete children's books by Hans Wilhelm I could find.  As you can see, I am a fan.  The books are in two formats:  (1) PAGE-TURNERS and (2) PDF-BOOKS.

PAGE-TURNERS will introduce you to the University of Maryland's International Children's Digital Library and PDF-BOOKS are courtesy of Hans Wilhelm himself, but they include more than the books listed at Children's Books Forever.

Clicking on English on the column at the right side of the Library will list all the English children's books available for young children to read.  Note that the illustrations are also by Hans Wilhelm.

Give your youngsters practice in other languages by clicking on other choices from the right-hand column:  Japanese, German, Swedish, Indonesian, Spanish, etc.

These books are about bullies, lies, honor, faith, friendship, civility, etc.  and the illustrations are fun, charming, and joyous. Hooray for Dr. Seuss and Hans Wilhelm!



Children's Books: Hans Wilhelm - LIBRARY OF RESOURCES;setcount=100;detail=3


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