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Free Education in 2012
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Is it just me, or are there other homeschoolers out there who are totally loving the ever expanding universe of websites that provide free access to all manner of quality, educational resources. My goodness, you can find lessons, videos, games, interactives, virtual tours, virtual labs, digital textbooks, unit studies, tests, teaching ideas, and on and on, for any subject, and for any grade. All for free. ​Check out these links, for example: 

Interactives; Virtual Tours; Virtual Labs in Learn For Free (Full Curriculum and Learning Resources)

There are even sites that provide full courses. These are just some of the ones I'm aware of, and the list continues to grow.

Free Courses: Multiple Subjects in Learn For Free (Full Curriculum and Learning Resources)

I'm truly amazed by how much things have changed as compared to when I first began the "homeschool journey" some 12 years ago. The idea of locking into a single, expensive boxed curriculum, (which I once did), seems ill-advised to me now. Homeschooling is all about mixing and matching resources to meet individual learning needs, so why on earth try to squeeze everyone into the same "scope and sequence?" Especially today with all the ​choices. With an Internet connection, a person can definitely put together a personalized, free, or low-cost curriculum. The problem now is, there's so much ​to look at, and it takes so much time to sift through everything that creating your own curriculum is no simple task. 

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​Information Overload

​For myself, I tend to go to the same sites I like over and over again. So maybe one way to avoid getting lost in the digital vortex is to pick several proven (for you) sites and stick with'em. (Yah, right, who am I kidding?)

Happy New Year folks. Hope you all find what you're searching for.


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