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What would your life be like if you were born and lived in a different country? The site ​If It Were My Home ​lets you answer that question. They have a comparison tool that enables you to pull up stats on living conditions in other countries and how they match up with the U.S. and each other. 

I tried it out by doing a comparison between the U.S. and Slovakia, (where my husband's paternal grandparents were born and emigrated from). I was presented with a Google map that showed the size of the country in relation to the U.S. In this case, Slovakia was shown overlaying Greenville, SC. You can also view a full "zoomable " world map. 

It told me that if Slovakia were my home instead of the U.S. I would....

  • consume about 75% less oil
  • use about 58% less electricity
  • spend about 81% less money on health care, but also make 54% less money and have 30% more chance of not having a job
  • life expectancy  is lower there, too, by about 2.5 years

The site gives additional basic information on the country, and recommended reading lists for further information (none were listed for Slovakia). You can also vote on whether or not you'd rather live in said country, (no, thanks), and "sound off" about your decision in their comments section.

 Kind of a different way of doing a geography lesson.



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