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(From Grammar Goofs - visual showing 15 common grammar mistakes).

Here are some free resources for learning grammar, including visual and animated lessons, games, worksheets and tests.

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Anyone teaching grammar and spelling rules to their children can get a chuckle from this. Remembering how to spell certain "ei" and "ie" words in particular can be vexing. Then there are the "Oral Language Exercises" we use that are supposed to teach you when to use certain words over others, such as ​among vs. between, ​beside ​vs. ​besides, bad vs. ​badly, and many others. I think some mistakes in grammar are more regional -- for example, using set ​when you mean sit, and vice-versa. (I don't think people from the city make that mistake much). In other instances, the correct usage is not so obvious, (like when to use lie, lay, lain and ​laid).

Does the rise in texting, and its truncation (some would say, mutilation), of the English language, signal a gradual end for the need to learn all these "stuffy" grammar and spelling rules? Or are they more necessary and important than ever? 

For one viewpoint, check out 10 Reasons Schools Should Teach Text-Speak.

And for an interesting read about the history of using abbreviations in language, (highlighting texting, in particular, and how it may or may not be destroying our language, check out Txtng: the gr8 db8, ​by David Crystal.



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