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Interactive Timelines
Category: Social Studies
Tags: timelines timeline timeline for kids historical timeline history timeline

​Presidential Timeline of the 20th Century​Interactive timeline, including photos, documents and videos.

Egypt's Golden Empire Charts the major events of the New Kingdom; includes virtual tour of key sites, info on hieroglyphs, and other features.

Roman Empire ​With additional resources.

African American Lives  ​Includes videos, primary source documents, and section on DNA and geneology.

Ancestors in the Americas ​ Asian-American timeline.

Women's Movement  ​Women's suffrage movement

Timeline of Judaism  With video, web resources, and lesson plans.

Middle East History ​Four timelines on: the wars on terrorism; Iraq; Afghanistan; and Middle-East modern history.l

Timeline of the 20th Century 

Historical Photos
Category: Social Studies
Tags: free historical stock photos

Humans Forming the Statue of Liberty

If you need photos for your blog or for projects your kids are working on, check out this gallery of historic images.


Tesla’s Magnifying Transmitter


Roosevelt With Elephant He Just Killed


Woman Working a War Job

Lessons In Time
Category: Social Studies
Tags: famous historical figures president timeline historical people historic people measuring time


Presidential Timeline  From the presidential libraries of the National Archives, a collection of documents, photos, audio and video; includes activities and resources for educators

TimeGlider   Make your own timeline; has features allowing you to drag left and right, zoom in and out, and see how time periods overlap; web-based, so timelines can be shared and embedded

Digital Vaults  National Archives selection of 1,200 records, document, photos for your perusal; as you browse, you can drag records into your "tray," and use them to create a "pathway" (to show how a series of records and photos relates), or make your own poster

Archiving Early America  a unique array of primary source material from 18th Century America; scenes and portraits from original newspapers, magazines, maps and writings, videos

Time Zones  BBC's Brief History of Time Zones

No time like the present: GoGo News  features current events and human interest stories for the elementary age.


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