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Astronauts and Spacesuits
Category: Science
Tags: astronaut how to be an astronaut space suit spacesuit astronaut suit international space station iss outer space


Two subjects I've always been fascinated by are twin studies, and space exploration -- an unlikely pairing which, in the mission of Scott Kelley, has enabled scientists to glean data, as never before, on the effects of spaceflight on the body.

You can watch all the episodes of Time's documentary, "A Year In Space," here; and find learning activities based on the series here and here. Visit the following sites for additional free resources about astronauts and space: 

All About Spacesuits: This interactive resource, created by NASA, explains how a spacesuit functions as a personal, mini-spacecraft that enables an astronaut to live and work in the harsh space environment. Learn about the suits worn for the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, shuttle, and spacewalk missions.


Space Exploration Mini-Unit: Seven lessons, with articles and videos, beginning with how to become an astronaut, and culminating in the future of space exploration.



Train Like an Astronaut: Combine learning about the requirements of space exploration with physical fitness. This site offers videos and free activity guides that explain how exercise and proper nutrition help astronauts maintain and improve important aspects of fitness such as physical strength, endurance, speed, flexibility, balance and coordination.



Astronaut VideosSee how astronauts eat, sleep, brush their teeth and do other tasks aboard the International Space Station.




Clickable Spacesuit - Learn about the different parts:


Renaissance Artists
Category: Social Studies
Tags: renaissance art italian renaissance renaissance paintings da vinci raphael donatello michaelangelo

These materials for teaching about Renaissance artists can be used for several grade levels as a supplement to your own materials:

The following flipbook is a sample of a reader that highlights major artists of the Renaissance. Download the full PDF reader and workbook here

Compare/Contrast Two Works of Art: Provides a chart with suggested things to look for, such as elements of art present in the work and mood of the work. Observations can be turned into short essays.

Learn About Linear Perspective: Use a drawing interactive to examine three paintings to look for perspective lines, vanishing point, and horizon line. Then click an empty room to try to apply the rules of perspective.

Additional Renaissance lesson plans can be found at the Renaissance Connection.

Visit Leonardo’s Workshop: Learn about simple machines; play a game in which you try to identify the machines in Leonardo’s sketches; make your own sketches of gadgets to show how they work. Learn more about the artist at Exploring Leonardo.

Virtual Sistene Chapel: Fly around, zoom in and out.

Da Vinci and the Code He Lived By (Free Study Guide): 

Easy How to Draw a Ninja Turtle Face

Photo Credit:

Homeschooling the Middle & High School Years

Charlieissocoollike SINGS!
Category: Misc.
Tags: charlieissocoollike this is me a song about monkeys a song about acne a song about love duet with myself vlog youtube star

Yes, this guy again. 

So remember a while back when I posted what I thought was one of the funniest videos ever? Well that was just his vlog. And as awesome as his vlogs are, I just recently discovered that Charlie McDonnell also sings and writes his own music! (Along with some awesome ukelele playing.) 

Charlie wrote an entire album of music and released his CD called "This is Me." (He's also in a band that does songs about Doctor Who but seeing as I don't watch that show it doesn't appeal to me as much.) Anyway, on his amazing album there are 13 tracks, each one of them a funny song he wrote about the most random subjects. 

My favorites are:

A Song About Acne - He wrote an entire song devoted to his acne. It's completely ridiculous, and a little gross at time. 4 out of 5 stars

A Song About Love - Charlie was challenged to write a song using only his voice and objects that weren't real instruments and he rose to the occasion. And he writes some pretty sweet lyrics about his woman who's waiting but she's not a woman yet...( I just KNOW he's talking about me!) 5 out of 5 stars. 

Duet With Myself - The titles pretty self-explanatory. The lyrics are great, he spends the whole song making fun of himself. 5 out of 5 stars.

A Song About Monkeys- The one I posted up at the top there. For four minutes you get to listen to him sing about why monkeys are his favorite animal, while a ukelele playing monkey sits and whistles beside him. It's GOLD. 4 out of 5 stars. 

You can find his videos for all of those songs on his official charlieissocoollike YouTube channel. I suggest you look them up and watch, I bet you'll enjoy them just as much as I do. 


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