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Atoms and Elements
Category: Science
Tags: periodic table of the elements the elements what is an element element chart periodic table the bohr model
Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash
Here's a nice intereactive from BBC Bitesize on Atoms, Elements, and their Properties.

This BrainPop Video discusses the evolution of the atomic model

Read a NatGeo magazine on atoms and elements.

Download a lesson on changing matter with current events, biographical spotlights, experiments and more.

Watch an Atoms Video Lesson

Chem4Kids has information on matter, atoms, and the elements.

Understanding the Atom: Worksheets with answers for middle-school. 61 pp.

You've probably seen the Periodic Table of Videos featuring this dude (a professor at the University of Nottingham). 


Here are more periodic table resources

How To Draw Bohr Diagrams


Atoms and Molecules Game:

Periodic Tables
Category: Science
Tags: periodic table

Interactive Periodic Tables: 


Web Elements

Periodic Table of Elements in Pictures and Words

Interactives: Provides a tutorial on the basics of atomic structure and the periodic table.

Photo Periodic Table

Visual Elements: Features information on the discovery of the elements, alchemical symbols, podcasts and videos on the elements.

Funbrain Periodic Table Game

Build An Element

Printable Periodic Tables from ScienceGeek

Just For Fun

Periodic Table of Comic Books

Periodic Table of Herbs and Spices

Periodic Table of Fibers

(Check comments section below for more links).

Periodic Table of Chemical Reactions
Category: Science
Tags: periodic table elements

Here's a fun app: goREACT, from the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, lets you create virtual chemical reactions by dragging elements from the periodic table to a “reaction area." You can start by choosing any element, and you’ll get a suggestion prompting you to combine it with another element. Or you can click into the featured reactions that focus on particular areas such as: personal (chemicals in shampoos, toothpaste, soaps, antiperspirants, etc.); around the house (chemicals in laundry detergent, fire extinguishers, etc.); Vroom (chemical reactions related to cars); mother nature (chemical reactions relating to the environment, like water treatment and pollution); and get technical (chemical reactions relating to electronics like lasers and DVDs). When you click on an element, you’ll see a picture and description. When you make a reaction, you’ll see a picture or video of what you created. Available as a mobile app and online.

For additional periodic table resources, click here.


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