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All About Cells
Category: Science
Tags: cell function cell pictures cell biology cell organelles cell kids science science websites life sciences

If you're doing life science with your middle schoolers this year, these sites can help:

Science-Class.netMany free science resources for elementary and middle-school grades. The section on cells features activities and labs, slideshows, games and quizzes, and links to interactives and other resources. 


Biology CornerAnother site with many lesson plans, worksheets and activities focusing on anatomy, biology and physics. The section on cells features lab activities, study guides, and interactive lessons.

Virtual Cell Tour: An interactive that explains parts of animal and plant cells.

Cells AliveInteractive illustrations of animal, plant and bacteria cells. View the site's BioCams to see cells growing. Downloadable worksheets are also available.

Cell Biology Slideshow: 242 slides

Chapter on Cells24 pages

Making Cell Models: Links to instructions for making cell models using all kinds of materials, including clay, Karo syrupjello, and more jello

Cell Download: Instructional slides from a teacher's site featuring information on cell theory, cell cycle, cellular respiration, cell similarities, cell structure and function.

Online Cell Games

CellCraft: Learn about how a cell functions while helping it survive in hostile environments.

Have You Seen TED-Ed?
Category: Science
Tags: TED TED-Ed science videos interactive science learn science science websites

The brand-new TED-Ed website allows educators to "use, tweak, or completely redo any lesson featured on TED-Ed, or create lessons from scratch based on any video from YouTube." Each video on the TED-Ed site is tagged to a curriculum subject, and is accompanied by supplementary materials like multiple choice quizzes, open-ended questions, and sites for delving deeper. Great site to check out.

Untamed Science
Category: Science
Tags: science videos interactive science learn science science websites

Here's a website put together by a group of scientists/filmmakers/educators that offers free science lesson plans for K - 12, along with a variety of videos covering biology, physics, chemistry and technology. You can watch a brief video at Untamed Science ​to get a sense of who they are. 

Another interesting aspect of the site is that it provides lessons for kids who  have an interest in wildlife filmmaking. They address different levels with "Getting Started" and "Advanced" sections, and also offer a short "Gear Guide" for those looking to purchase their own equipment. Great site to explore.


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