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From time to time, I like to go beyond the standard book report or book review, and mix it up with different types of writing assignments and projects. Gets the kids thinking differently, and it can be more interesting and fun. Take a look at these ideas that can be used for any novel, for independent study, or in a group setting: 

Writing and Art Activities:

Journal and Other Projects

More Reading Activities:

Here are some ideas for doing an author study.

Here are some ideas for more visual types of projects.

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In response to inquiries about reading sites and worksheets, here are some that I've found useful.

E-Reading Worksheets: For grades 6 - 12. Includes worksheets on story elements (characterization, main idea, theme, etc.), figurative language, grammar, and text structure (chronological, cause and effect, compare and contrast, etc.). There really is a lot to check out here.

K12 ReaderAnother comprehensive site for reading comprehension and phonics, grammar, spelling and writing prompts. Also provides suggestions for games and activities.

Word Dynamo: A site where you can quiz yourself on groups of words for a particular grade level (elementary through college), or words within a particular subject (social studies, computers, literature). You can study flashcards of lists, or play games to quiz yourself. This site also has lists for test prep, and Spanish and Latin.

Mr. Nussbaum: This teacher has put a lot of cool games and interactives online for all the core subjects, for kindergarten through grade 8. There are reading comprehension, grammar and spelling exercises that can be done online or printed. You can input your own spelling words and play online games, or make your own printable puzzles. There are also several animated biographies of famous Americans.

ReadToMeView books as they are read. Each book has a corresponding lesson plan with discussion questions, worksheets, and acitivities.

Scott Foresman ReadingOnline grammar and writing handbooks that can be downloaded; for grades 1 - 6.

College-Bound Reading List:  Includes not only American and World Literature titles (with drama and poetry suggestions), but also suggestions for biographies and history, science, and social science.

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