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Whew #1: My oldest daughter came home from her last classes at community college this week, expressing a mixture of relief and excitement that she finished her Associates Degree. Her sense of accomplishment and satisfaction from having completed this has given her a great zeal for jumping into her major at the 4-year university she’s transferring to in the fall. She’ll soon be dealing with a new life away from home and facing additional challenges, but for now she plans on relishing the time off, and sleeping in.

Whew #2:  My next oldest daughter took her SAT on the same day the other one graduated, and will be attending community college full time in the fall. We’ve had our rough patches along the high school path, (difficulties with math, and some time management issues), but overall, I am pleased with the outcome. Having taken dual enrollment courses over the past year, my daughter feels confident and ready to move on. We still have to update her transcript and take care of admissions and registration later this summer, but for now, I am relishing the fact that …..


Whew #3:  I will have a break from homeschooling high school for a couple of years. Yah, I still have two more to go, (they will be in 7th and 4th grades this fall), but I won’t be dealing with transcripts, course descriptions, and specific requirements for a while.


At times I have felt a bit bogged down by the oversight and management aspects of homeschooling, not having much time for the fun and flexibility. With some time off from the higher grades, I’m hoping to get involved with some more local homeschool co-ops and groups (in addition to our Swim & Gym program at the YMCA, and science classes at the local science/art museum). We are finishing up some math and grammar, and we’ll do our standardized tests in a couple of weeks (mandatory here in NC)  -- and that’s it. Summertime, and a much-anticipated hiatus.


Wishing you all a great summer.

-And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap if we faint not. - Gal. 6:9


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