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I came across some interesting math puzzles over at MathPickleMy daughter likes doing dot-to-dot puzzles, but on this site, you'll find these puzzles with a twist: you use a ruler and only connect the pairs of dots that are a specific distance apart. For example, the puzzle starts out looking like this: 

And if you connect all the dots properly, (in this case, those that are 5 cm apart), you'll get a design like this: 

This is one of the easy ones. There are 23 progressively harder puzzles, with solutions, that you can download from this pagealong with other puzzles. 

We've also been looking at symmetry: 

and the way 3D shapes look when they are flattened out (noting things like the number of surface faces, sides, and vertices):

You can find both of these free downloads at Nyla's Crafty Teaching.


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