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Home Education Defined
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Came across this list of the many and varied types of home education that exists, at least the ones this particular group defines. The "method" I think that most closely fits what I do with my own children would probably be "eclectic," since it is really a mix of whatever works best within the sphere of whatever it is we have access to -- which tends to change, and is dependent on a number of variables, not the least of which is the child him/herself. But that's the real strength of home education -- it's adaptability, it's flexibility. We can define, categorize and label certain aspects of what we do, but the whole really is greater than the sum of its parts.

Home-school methods

Source: Hall County Home Educators  

Structured: School at home, organized with textbook use
Interest-initiated: Students learn from real-life experiences
Learning-style: Learning materials and activities are chosen based on how the children learn best
Philosophical: Structured around educational philosophies studied by the parents.
Accelerated: Intense, daily focus to hone talents and goals of gifted students
Accommodating: Structured around the special needs of one or more people in the family
Unit-based: All learning is focused on a particular topic for a period of time with each child learning at their own level of understanding
Community: Learning comes from participation in group situations, volunteer work and community activities outside the home
Child-directed: Very eclectic learning that may not involve a structured curriculum or textbook, but instead focuses on teachable moments and life experiences
Classical: Teaching students based on the grammar, logic and rhetoric stages of learning
Charlotte Mason Method: Teaching using living books, narration, journals, literature and art
Moore Formula: Home school based on the theory that structured schoolwork should not begin before age 8
Computer curriculum: Learning is done through an online company or a home-based program using DVD or CD lessons
Eclectic: Combining several home-school methods to find the best fit for kids
Hybrid Method: Mixture of home schooling and enrollment in a charter, virtual, Christian or public school




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