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Free PDF Math Workbooks
Category: Math
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Bridges Practice Books: Grades K - 5

Harcourt Math Practice Workbook: 2nd grade 

Harcourt Math Practice Workbook: 4th grade 

Math Connect Workbooks (McGraw-Hill) - workbooks and additional online resources; middle school:

Pre-algebra workbooks (McGraw-Hill)

Glencoe IMPACT Math Course 1: Workbooks and online resources; middle school

Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 workbooks (McGraw-Hill

Glencoe High School Math Workbooks: (pre-algebra; algebra 1 and 2; geometry)

MathGoodies has many free worksheets - plus a worksheet generator - to go with the site's interactive math lessons

Homeschool Math has worksheets for grades K - 7.

Visual Fractions worksheets

MathCharts: Skip-counting charts, Roman numerals, number lines, place value, and more.

Mid-Summer Vacation Break
Category: Math
Tags: algebra. high school math geometry algebra 2 help

Hope you are having a swell summer. After a grueling week in Orlando, I'm happy to get back to the more relaxing (and definitely less taxing) resource planning for the upcoming school year. 

For those of you also in planning mode, here are some high school materials  you may find useful: 

Prentice Hall Algebra 2: So far, I've homeschooled two children at the high school level, and have used a variety of math resource types, including textbook-based (with a hodgepodge of videos not specifically correlated to the text); CD-ROM-based lessons with textbook from a homeschool academy; and totally online courses with no textbook at all. I have found that my high schoolers, although typical "cyber-generation," actually prefer hard-copy when it comes to certain things, math being one of them. So, I'm thinking of using the Prentice Hall Algebra 2 textbook, which appears comprehensive, and has a companion website with projects and real-world applications, and computer-scored lesson quiz.zes, and chapter tests. In addition, here are three sites with video lessons that correlate specifically to each chapter of the Prentice Hall text.

Other Math Textbook/Video Correlations: If you are looking for teaching videos related to specific textbooks for other maths, try HippoCampus. The site has also just added an Art of Problem Solving collection with videos that break down how to solve problems.

Saylor's K-12 Section: Not sure if I mentioned this before, but, which has hundreds of free, online, self-paced college-level courses, also offers some middle- and high-school courses. Currently, there are 9 of them in the areas of English Language Arts, high school math, and two "electives" (one on the Common Core and one on SAT prep).

Enjoy your summer.

Summer Math Review and Planning Ahead
Category: Math
Tags: math worksheets math review math games math textbook math software

Signs of summer are all around us, and our family looks forward to winding down in some areas, and ramping up in others. Still, I find, with my own kids, that math is one of those things that, if not practiced all year, is easily forgotten. So, although I don’t school year-round, we do try to keep the math going, emphasizing a more game-like experience.  

If you need some material for your own review endeavors, or maybe you’re planning for the fall, here are some resources that may help, including a list of links to free courses in high school math.

Math PlaygroundIn addition to arcade style games, this site has  some interesting additional features, such as: 

  • Thinking Blocks: allows you to build models of story problems using blocks; includes addition and subtraction; multiplication and division, fractions, and ratios and proportions

  • Math Apprentice: This part of the site shows how math is used in the real world. A player takes the role as an intern in one of eight businesses where they use math to solve problems.

Math Playground also has math manipulatives (pattern blocks, balance scales, geoboards), math videos and worksheets, and many games for keeping math skills sharp. 

Free worksheets and worksheet generators: in addition to math, has language arts, geography, puzzles from pre-Algebra to Calculus Worksheets for 1st through 6th grades; also has Algebra and Geometry worksheets

Math Printables: print out things like calendars, clocks, fraction circles and strips, grid paper, dot cards, pattern blocks, place value charts, symmetry (complete the figure) tangram pieces, and more

Free Textbook: Actually, it’s a CK-12 Flexbook for reviewing Middle School Math Concepts.

Free SoftwareDownload for interactive Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, and Calculus​.

Free Videos: MathTV has videos by topic or textbook. Videos of the same problem are presented by different people so if one doesn’t take, maybe another one will.

Full Math Courses: 

Full Math Courses in Free Math Curriculum / Learn For Free (Full Curriculum and Learning Resources)


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