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New Free Algebra 1 Course
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A free Algebra 1 course just came out this week, this one from Currikia provider of free, K-12 open educational resources. This is a full course, broken into modules, so you can use it in its entirety, or just the parts you want. The course includes lesson plans, with links to related Khan Academy videos, worksheets and assessments with their answer keys, and each unit ends with a real-world project. If you haven't been on Curriki yet, click on over. They've got lots of good stuff and the site's pretty easy to search.

Another free Algebra 1 course just newly released is available from SAS Curriculum Pathways.  Also modular with video lessons.

Other free high school math courses are available at: 

New Site For Math Review
Category: Math
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Came across this site called, Mangahigh​which offers free math challenges and games for ages 7 - 16. You can choose games by grade level and also by topic. For example, you can have a child in the elementary grades play a game that reviews certain times tables, or gives them word problems to solve. High schoolers can play games to help them brush up on Algebra, Geometry, and Statistics and Probability.  

The games are designed to adapt in difficulty to the ability of each student, and they correspond to Common Core standards. You can assign exercises to a student, and then when your child logs in, he or she will be shown all the math games scheduled for them.

There's a lot to see, so it's best to just go to the site and try it out yourself.  You can register for a free account by putting in a "school" name (some states require homeschoolers to register as "schools" with their own names), and upload an Excel spreadsheet of "students". It's easy to do. 

Free Online Math Lessons for Middle School
Category: Math
Tags: free online math lessons free online math online math math lessons

MasterMath  offers free middle school math lessons, each including a video lesson, printable worksheet, and a self-grading quiz.

If anyone's used this, please leave a comment letting others know what you think.


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