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150 Book Report Alternatives Tags: book reports ideas for book reports book report forms book report activitiesook project ideasook report projects




  • Live:

    • Book Discussion

    • Group Presentation

    • Individual Oral Report

    • Literature Circle

    • Panel Discussion

  • Recorded:

    • CD Soundtrack

    • Dialogue Recording

    • Event, Character or Scene Recording

    • Podcast

    • Radio Play

Visually Creative:

  • Physical:

    • Build a Relief Map of the Setting

  • Diorama:

    • Multimedia Materials

    • Paper Mache

    • Plaster or Play Dough

  • Photo Album

  • Poster Board

  • Recipe Book

  • Scale Model of a Building or Object

  • Scrapbook or a Memory Box

  • Tri-fold Display


  • Book Jacket

  • Book Illustrations

  • Bulletin Board Display

  • Cartoon Strip or Graphic ‘Novel’

  • Character Poster

  • Children’s Picture Book

  • Collage for a Theme or Character

  • Design Quilt Squares

  • Flip Book

  • Important Object Drawing

  • Map of the Setting

  • Magazine Cover or Full-Page Ad

  • Mural

  • Portrait of a Character

  • Poster Board

  • Scale Drawings of a Room or Scene

  • Scene Drawing (with a caption)

  • Storyboard (for a filmstrip)

  • T-Shirt Design

  • Trading Cards

  • Travel Brochure


  • Cause and Effect Chart

  • Flow Chart

  • Graphical Outline

  • Mind Map of the Author’s Accomplishments

  • Mind Map of the Plot Chart

  • Timeline

  • Top Ten List

  • Venn Diagram


Dramatically Creative:

  • Act a Scene as a Character

  • Character Monologue

  • Dramatic Reading

  • Dramatic Scene

  • Group Performance

  • Mock Trial

  • Pantomime of a Scene

  • Puppet Show

  • Role Play as the Book’s Author

  • Scene Tableaux


  • Bingo


  • Concentration

  • Crossword

  • Board Game

  • Jeopardy

  • Pictionary

  • Scavenger Hunt

  • Word Search


  • Live News Report

  • Movie or Book Trailer

  • PowerPoint Presentation

  • Talk Show Appearance

  • TV Commercial

  • TV Episode

  • Video Editorial

World Connections:

  • Cook Food from the Story

  • Festival surrounding a Book: name, date, location, questions, music, food, games, clothing, etc.


  • Poetry:

    • Acrostic

    • Ballad

    • Found Poem

    • Limerick

    • Retell Story

  • Song:

    • Rap

    • Theme

    • Sonnet

  • Prose:

    • Blog or Blog Entry

    • Character Sketch

    • Children’s Story Retelling

  • Comparison:

    • Another Book

    • Different Story Motifs

    • Different Story Versions

    • Lifestyles in the Story with Current Life

      with the Film Version

  • Create a Sales Pitch for the Book

  • Create a Test

  • Different or Extended Beginning

  • Different or Extended Ending

  • Dossier on a Character

  • Editorial

  • Fairy Tale about a Novel Event

  • Human Interest Story

  • Journal Entries by Chapter or Section

  • Legend, Fable or Myth

  • Letter:

    • to a Character

    • to the Author

  • Magazine Article

  • News Article or Front Page

  • Parody

  • Persuasive Paragraph

  • Publish a Yearbook for the Characters and Events in a Story

  • Radio Play

  • Rationale for a Favourite Passage

  • Recipe

  • Retell a Related Personal Experience


  • Rewrite Story from an Alternate Point of View

  • Short Play

  • Summary

  • TV Episode Script

  • Twitter Feed Story Retell

Research Report:

  • Author

  • Character

  • Issue

  • Real Person

  • Related History

  • Video Game Proposal


  • Glossary

  • Flash Cards

Writing in Role:

  • Advice Column

  • Character Emails

  • Character Facebook Page

  • Character Interview

  • Chat Room Discussion between Characters

  • Diary or Emails of a Main Character

    Fortune Cookie Messages

  • Journal Entry as a Character

  • Literary Agent advocating Publishing

  • Letter to or between Character

  • Postcard(s) from or between Characters

  • Question & Answer

  • Resume (and cover letter) as a Character

  • Series of Text Messages between Characters

  • Telephone Conversation Script

  • Twitter Feed as a Character

  • Visit the Future


Make Edible DNA Tags: dna lesson plans dna lesson lesson plans on genetics what is dna dna structure genetics for kids

Thought this looked pretty cool. The TeachGenetics website has a lesson plan for building an edible model of DNA using Twizzlers and marshmallows of different colors. Geared for kids in grades 5 - 12, the teaching guide includes information on basic DNA structure, and the rules of base pairing.

Visit the site's Print and Go Index for additional lessons that include worksheets, overhead masters, and answer keys that can be downloaded in PDF.

Have a Visual Learner? Try Infographics. Tags: info graphic information graphics infographics tools visual learner visual learning learning styles

 Source: Mike Wirth Art

Infographics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge. Often presented in a fun and interesting manner, infographics are used to explain complex information quickly and clearly. Great for learners who prefer organizing and communicating information using images. (Take an online survey here to determine learning style). 

Here are some other examples of infographics and their sources:

Edison vs. Tesla (Source:

Structure of The Universe (Source:

 You or your student can make your own infographics, such as

  • Timelines
  • Flow charts;
  • Annotated maps
  • Graphs
  •  Venn diagrams

Here are a few sites to help you make them:

For simple graphic organizers, try WorksheetWorks and Eduplace.

To make cool Venn diagrams and flowcharts, try Gliffy.

There's also a whole category of tools for mind-mapping. Popplet is one:

Looks like this would be fun to try.

Click here  for an extensive list of mind-mapping tools. 


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