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The Demise of "Old School" Tags: online learning benefits of online learning advantages of online classes the benefits of online education

Enjoy this series of articles on the transformations taking place in education.Click the "Export" button, and you can send all these articles to your Kindle or other e-reading device.

Seven Lies about Homeschoolers Tags: messy mondays seven lies about homeschoolers comedy homeschool myths


The newest homeschooling comedy video from the world of Youtube.

In the next four minutes, be prepared to have all of common homeschooling myths completely proven wrong. If you're a homeschooler, you'll know exactly what this guy means, and you'll laugh. If you're not, it'll help you seem like less of an idiot next time you talk to one.

New Homeschooling Documentary In The Works Tags: home education education documentary education documentaries documentary about education documentaries on education

Entitled "Beyond the Classroom," the filmmakers assert that their aim is to expand the knowledge of homeschooling and introduce it as a viable educational alternative. 

From the website:

"We are not out to bash homeschooling, nor are we presenting it as a panacea to all educational problems. In our experience, homeschooling is a resource about which few are well informed, and we aim to provide accurate information from those who have real-life experience with it, including families that are currently homeschooling, graduates from homeschooling, families that have made a variety of educational choices for their children, and educators with varying opinions on homeschooling and experience with homeschooling families."

The filmmakers are looking for participants  willing to tell their stories, or provide information and donations.

Check out the film trailer here.


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