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Lessons In Time
Category: Social Studies
Tags: famous historical figures president timeline historical people historic people measuring time

Presidential TimelineFrom the presidential libraries of the National Archives, a collection of documents, photos, audio and video; includes activities and resources for educators

TimeGlider†† Make your own timeline; has features allowing you to drag left and right, zoom in and out, and see how time periods overlap; web-based, so timelines can be shared and embedded

Digital VaultsNational Archives selection of 1,200 records, document, photos for your perusal; as you browse, you can drag records into your "tray," and use them to create a "pathway" (to show how a series of records and photos relates), or make your own poster

Archiving Early Americaa unique array of primary source material from 18th Century America; scenes and portraits from original†newspapers, magazines,†maps and writings, videos

Time ZonesBBC's Brief History of Time Zones

No time like the present: GoGo News††features current events and human interest stories for the elementary age.

Stamp Scoop
Category: Social Studies
Tags: us postal service usps community connections stamps history postage stamps

The US Postal Service's Community Connection†site†is designed to†support†elementary-level social studies and history using its†archive of postage stamp imagery.†Stamps are†a unique†type†of primary resource,†reflecting the tone of the times and the attitudes of our
nation across history,†recalling people, places, icons and
events.†Stamp imagery can be used†as a springboard for lessons on American history, geography, civics, and culture.

The site offers:

* School Days & American Ways: an oversized curriculum-connected calendar designed around monthly themes; the calendar is accompanied by a 24-page coordinated Teaching Guide

* A variety of education kits for download

* Stamp Scoop: short editorials on the subject of recent commemorative stamps and their significance

* Support for local fieldtrips and class speakers†

Computer History
Category: Social Studies
Tags: history of computer history of computers history of pc history of video games

Computer History Museum†From the site:†The story of computing is epic. Itís driven by the human passion for tinkering, inventing and solving difficult problems where accidents and luck can be as important as brilliant engineering. Explore the revolution that has changed our world...

Video Game Revolution††From the site:†This is the story of how a whimsical invention of the 1960s helped spawn the computer industry as we know it. Video games have influenced the way children live and play, forever altered the entertainment industry, and even affected the way wars are fought. See how it all began and find out what it means for the future.

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