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Free Courses for High School
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Back in 2011, I wrote an article that provides a list of free online high school classes that can be used to build a college prep course of study. The checklist of courses is based on North Carolina's requirements (similar to other states) for students to graduate with a public school diploma. But it also serves as a valid guideline for homeschoolers who want to go on to college or university, as these institutions want to see certain requirements fulfilled in high school. 

I tried to list mainly those sites with complete courses, in other words those with lessons, course materials, and assessments all presented as single, in effect, electronic curricula. It's a good list that breaks the information down into all the core subjects and electives. (You can read the article here. I also wrote a Kindle e-book of similar content you can access here).

I've had to continuously update it, since there are so many new sites and courses that become available all the time. At first, I was doing the updates at the article itself, but it's a bit cumbersome. Now, instead, I send out a free monthly newsletter highlighting the new stuff I find. You can read my past newsletters in the Archive and sign up if you want to receive them. 

Here's a sample of resources culled from the past 8 months or so of newsletters: 

MOOCs Can't talk about free online courses these days without mentioning MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses),  being offered by many prestigious universities. (For a brief overview of MOOCs, watch this video).Three established companies providing platforms for these courses are Coursera, edX, and Udacity. For additional sites, click 200 free online coursesmany of which offer certificates or statements of completion.

Algebra 1 - Visit SAS Curriculum Pathwayssubscribe for free and access their complete Algebra 1 course.

English 10 - Head over to Curriki for free access to a large and growing library of curricula and individual learning units. Here's a full course for 10th grade English.

Biology - Exploring the Way Life Works is an online textbook with eight downloadable chapters. Visit the companion website and you can access assignments, activities, PowerPoints, practice tests, and additional links.

Personal Finance - This Financial Literacy Curriculum is comprised of 22 lesson plans and accompanying teachers guides that can be downloaded separately, or altogether as a zip file. The lessons are free, but registration at the site (also free) is required.

For additional high school links, visit the Homeschooling High School Newsletter Archive.


Free Education in 2012
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Is it just me, or are there other homeschoolers out there who are totally loving the ever expanding universe of websites that provide free access to all manner of quality, educational resources. My goodness, you can find lessons, videos, games, interactives, virtual tours, virtual labs, digital textbooks, unit studies, tests, teaching ideas, and on and on, for any subject, and for any grade. All for free. ​Check out these links, for example: 

Interactives; Virtual Tours; Virtual Labs in Learn For Free (Full Curriculum and Learning Resources)

There are even sites that provide full courses. These are just some of the ones I'm aware of, and the list continues to grow.

Free Courses: Multiple Subjects in Learn For Free (Full Curriculum and Learning Resources)

I'm truly amazed by how much things have changed as compared to when I first began the "homeschool journey" some 12 years ago. The idea of locking into a single, expensive boxed curriculum, (which I once did), seems ill-advised to me now. Homeschooling is all about mixing and matching resources to meet individual learning needs, so why on earth try to squeeze everyone into the same "scope and sequence?" Especially today with all the ​choices. With an Internet connection, a person can definitely put together a personalized, free, or low-cost curriculum. The problem now is, there's so much ​to look at, and it takes so much time to sift through everything that creating your own curriculum is no simple task. 

Click here for article and full infographic

​Information Overload

​For myself, I tend to go to the same sites I like over and over again. So maybe one way to avoid getting lost in the digital vortex is to pick several proven (for you) sites and stick with'em. (Yah, right, who am I kidding?)

Happy New Year folks. Hope you all find what you're searching for.

Destinos: An Introduction to Spanish - LIBRARY OF RESOURCES
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Let this collection of study guides, videos, interactives, and PDF files help you celebrate the Hispanic heritage by teaching you how to speak Spanish while engrossed in a mysterious story.
It's all one huge Spanish soap opera, but you also learn Spanish at the same time. Brush up your Shakespeare (I mean, Spanish) and have a good time traveling to Spain, Argentina, Puerto Rico, and Argentina.
Oh yes, right-click on any of the videos once they are playing and you will fill the entire screen.  ESC brings you back to the small version.

Destinos: An Introduction to Spanish - LIBRARY OF RESOURCES;setcount=100;detail=3


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