Sentient candies who revolt against their Maker. The real reason the Titanic sank -- (did somebody say zombies)? What do these have in common? Why, the makings of a great story, of course. 

If you're studying literary elements and techniques with your kids, reading short stories can provide a clear view of the whole "narrative arc" in a more accessible, less lengthy format.

Supplement your study with the following classic short stories. Click here  to access the document below. Read the stories, fill out plot diagrams, and answer comprehension and analysis questions for each. The document also contains links to tutorials on plot, conflict, flashbacks, and foreshadowing. 

Here is another short story unit for studying additional literary elements. The unit includes comprehension questions and links to text and audio versions of the stories: 

Short Story Assignment Ideas: Provides an overview of the elements of a short story, literary devices, and suggestions of what to include in a literary response journal. Includes other writing assignment ideas.

Short Story Elements and Outline Worksheet

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