Video Lectures for High School is offering unSocialized visitors 10% off a 6-month or annual subscription to their online video high school courses.

The site features:

  • core high school subjects
  • several art and music electives
  • computer programming and software electives
  • and AP and SAT prep courses

There are also physical science and life science courses for middle school.

The courses are presented as lectures, with notes and slides that can be downloaded, practice questions and keys, and the ability to ask the teachers questions.

Lesson provided by
While full courses are available through a choice of subscription plans, you can view free sample lessons for each of the courses to get an idea of what they’re like and to view information about the teachers.
If you decide to subscribe to the service, use the promotional code 66BE830E40​.

A main benefit I see from the way the site is set up is that a subscription provides not just access to one course, but to all of them. In addition, the courses are broken up into short topics, so you can use them in their entirety, or choose only the parts you want to view.

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