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Industrial Revolution Inventions

Suggested topics and questions for a project on Industrial Revolution inventions and inventors. 2pp.

Sample list of topics: 

Submarine “Turtle”                                                      David Bushnell

Brooklyn Bridge                                                          John Augustus Rockling

Inexpensive Newspapers                                           Horace Greeley

Camera-Daguerreotype                                             Louis Daguerre

Anesthesia                                                                  Dr. William Mortan

Electric Battery                                                           Count Allessandro Volta

Cast Iron Plow-Interchangeable                                 Jethro Wood

Electro Magnetic Induction Battery                            Michael Faraday

Mechanical Refrigerator                                             Jacob Perkins

Colt Revolver                                                            Samuel Colt

Steel Plow                                                                John Deere

Vulcanized Rubber                                                     Charles Goodyear

Chewing Gum                                                           Thomas Adams

Blue Jeans                                                                 Levi Strauss

Safety Pin                                                                Walter Hunt

Steam Elevator                                                           Elisha Graves Otis

Bessemer Furnace                                                     Henry Bessemer

Aluminum                                                                    Henri Sainte

Can Opener                                                                Ezra Warner

Dynamite                                                                    Alfred Nobel

Baby Formula                                                              Henri Nestle’

Aspirin                                                                         Felix Hoffman

Ivory Soap                                                                  Harley Procter

Matches                                                                      Joshua Pusey

Zipper                                                                         Whitcomb L. Judson

Braille                                                                          Louis Braille

Hot Air Balloon                                                            Jean Pierre Blanchard/John Jefferies

Toilet                                                                           John Harington, Thomas Crapper

Phonograph                                                                Leon Scott

Typewriter                                                                   Christopher Latham Sholes

Stage Coach                                                               Abbot Downing Company/Concord Coach

Kodak Camera                                                           George Eastman

Transatlantic Cable                                                     Cyrus West Field

Pony Express                                                            Leavenworth and Pike’s Peak Express Co.


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