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A New Kind of Pet... =)
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Dogs and cats; they're probably the most common household pets... And to me, "most common" also translates to "most boring". I mean, almost  every household has got some kind of dog or cat or hamster or fish.... I'm looking for something a little more exotic like, I don't know, a fox. 

No, really, I'm serious. In Siberia, they're already breeding foxes for domestication to be as tame and as friendly to humans as your dog or cat. These foxes are so tame that they'll let you pet them and pick them up with no problem. They even have some characteristics similar to those of a golden retriever.

 The weird thing is that domestication not only changes the way the foxes act, but also alters the physical appearance.

Behavioral and physical changes in domesticated foxes.


Only a few species of wild animals are able to be bred successfully, and as strange and improbable as having a tame, loyal, and friendly fox as your pet may sound, it is possible.

And I don't know about you, but a few years from now when domesticated foxes are available to the general public, I will be getting one. Or two.

"Before long, the most tame of the foxes were so doglike that they would leap into researcher's arms and lick their faces."


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