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If you use video in your homeschool, check out the links to these extensive educational collections. You're bound to find something useful for the upcoming school year: 

YouTube Educational DocumentariesThis 42-page download is a list of educational documentaries on YouTube. It's alphabetical, by topic (eg. America - The Story of Us; Discovery Channel; Modern Megastructures), and was last updated in June of this year. Lots of social studies and science topics, as well as biographies on artists, actors, and musicians.

YouTube Educational Channels: This is a list of 197 top channels based on views, subscriptions, and quality of content. Among those mentioned are familiar ones like TedEd, Khan Academy, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and PBS, along with many other mutli-subject sites. The list also includes sections for specific subjects, such as the physical sciences, engineering and technolgy, math, politics, history and current events, the arts, foreign languages, and university channels. 

SOTW and NetflixA list of movies you can get on Netflix that correspond with topics covered in the Story of the World curriculum. The list is in chart form and shows the title of the movie, and corresponding SOTW volume and chapter. The chart also includes movie ratings (when available) and if the movie is available for instant streaming. 


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