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Have a Visual Learner? Try Infographics. Tags: info graphic information graphics infographics tools visual learner visual learning learning styles

 Source: Mike Wirth Art

Infographics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge. Often presented in a fun and interesting manner, infographics are used to explain complex information quickly and clearly. Great for learners who prefer organizing and communicating information using images. (Take an online survey here to determine learning style). 

Here are some other examples of infographics and their sources:

Edison vs. Tesla (Source:

Structure of The Universe (Source:

 You or your student can make your own infographics, such as

  • Timelines
  • Flow charts;
  • Annotated maps
  • Graphs
  •  Venn diagrams

Here are a few sites to help you make them:

For simple graphic organizers, try WorksheetWorks and Eduplace.

To make cool Venn diagrams and flowcharts, try Gliffy.

There's also a whole category of tools for mind-mapping. Popplet is one:

Looks like this would be fun to try.

Click here  for an extensive list of mind-mapping tools. 


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