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Love - Jaeson Ma (feat. Bruno Mars.)
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Usually, I don't really like modern Christian bands like Casting Crowns and Skillet...their songs are usually loud and and don't mean anything to me. And if I can relate to a song and that song doesn't make me feel anything at all then I'm not going to listen to it.

But the other day, I stumbled across a Christian song I had never heard before called "Love" by an an artist I had never heard of named Jaeson Ma. The chorus was sung by Bruno Mars so that caught my attention and I decided to listen to it and see if it was any good.

The song is really unusual for Christian music. It's written in the form of a rap song I guess, but when you listen to it, it sounds more like the guy is preaching to the beat of the music. But what really stood out about it was the lyrics. For the first time with one of these songs, I actually felt something when I listened to it beside the urge to turn it off. The whole song is about love, and how true love is God, and I think it's very inspirational. My favorite verse is the last one that goes like this:

 There is no greater love than this

Than he who lays down his life for his friends
Now are you willing to lay down your life for your friends?
You're probably willing to lay down your life for your mother
your father, or your best friends
But are you willing to lay down your life for even those that hate you?
I'm going to tell you who did that
The definition of love is Jesus Christ. He is love
The nails in his hands, the thorns in his brow
Hanging on a cross for your sin my sins
That is love he died for you and me while we still hated him
That is love
God is true love, and if you don't know this love
Now is the time to know, perfect love.

I don't know about you, but those lyrics are actually saying something, that's what makes them different. They're explaining the truths that come out of the Bible in a simple way, and then tying it all in to Jesus Christ everyone, even those who hated him. That's just so incredible. And I think it could get even those who don't know God to think, and maybe be interested in finding out more about this perfect love. All in all, it's an amazing song.

Why don't you take a listen and tell us what you think of it?


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