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The following list highlights some of the free high school resources featured in my Homeschooling High School Newsletter. Included are full courses, or materials that, when combined, could make for a full high school course.

New links to high school resources can be found in the August Newsletter. Sign up to continue to receive monthly updates; and be sure to check out the newsletter archive for links to even more resources.


              Algebra 1 - Full course in Algebra 1 from SAS Curriculum Pathways.

Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 complete courses feature warm-up exercises, lessons consisting of documents, videos and PowerPoints, additional worksheets, and quizzes.

Investigating Geometry Online  Presents 12 units in Geometry; includes video lessons, interactive examples to solve, worksheets, and online quizzes

Math TV  Short video lessons on math topics; includes basic math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus; you can also pull up videos that correspond to particular textbooks


English 10Complete course from Curriki includes units on grammar, essay writing, fiction and non-fiction reports, short stories, and specific literature titles, such as Julius Caesar, and Antigone.

High School Lit Roundup: List of sites with full courses, free books, and other resources. 


Exploring the Way Life Works  online textbook; eight downloadable chapters

Companion Website includes assignments and activities, Powerpoints, practice tests, and additional links

            Geology Labs Online: earthquake; dating rocks and artifacts; virtual river


             Bridging World History  Annenberg Learner site presents 26 units in world history; each unit has a 30-minute video and online text chapter; there's also a course guide with suggested activities and assignments


             Personal Finance CoursePractical Money Skills is offering a new financial literacy curriculum for grades 9 - 12. The curriculum is comprised of 22 lesson plans and accompanying teachers guides that can be downloaded separately, or altogether as a zip file. The lessons are free, but registration at the site (also free) is required. Also available at the site are lesson plans for Pre-K through grade 8, college level, and special needs students

              Additional Financial Literacy Resources

Multiple Subjects:

            Free, At-Your-Own-Pace Courses: Offered by the University of Washington at their website, OpenUW.  Courses include: The American Civil War; Greek Mythology; HTML Basics; the History of Jazz, and others.


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