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The Legend of Crazy D
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​Oct. 31, 2007 (From our Trip Journal)

It all started when the breaker blew. We didn't think it could get any worse. Here we were on Halloween night, fuel pump shot, stuck in our RV at a garage in Cambridge City, Indiana, called, of all things, "Crazy D's." This was bad enough, but then things started to get really weird. 

Dad decided to go out to the garage to see if he could reset the breaker, but it was already past 5 pm, and the place was dark. He looked through the window and saw a large freezer adjacent to the outlet we were using. That was it. He realized we must have overloaded the circuit. Concerned about the contents of the freezer, he walked to the adjoining gas station/convenience store to let them know their stuff was melting.

"Yah, the funeral director just sits in the park now and stares off into space," Dad overheard one of the gas attendants say to the other. "Makes me wonder what he does with the bodies." They both laughed, and then turned their attention to Dad. 

"The freezer inside, it's been turned off. We blew the breaker."

The two men looked at him with horrified faces that had suddenly become ashen. 

"What's the problem, fellas?" Dad asked good-naturedly. "It's not like ya'll are preservin' body parts in there, or somethin'."

They looked at each other. "He knows about "D?" Without another word, they walked quickly into the store. Dad paused a moment, then followed them, but when he got to the store, he found the door had been locked. Perplexed, he came back to the trailer, muttering about "nutty yokels". He soon found another outlet to plug into, and the power was back on.

We decided to search the Net for information about the mysterious "D", and found a news story about the owner of the gas station who, as it turns out, lost his head when a semi truck traveling at high speed came barreling off of I-70, smashing through the pumps and causing a huge explosion. This was the official story as related by the local papers, but it was the unofficial report that was much more interesting, if less credible.

The rumor was that when the funeral director was preparing the body for burial, D's disembodied head opened its eyes and spoke. "Give me back my body and I'll kill them all." The funeral director promptly lost his mind, but remained reasonable enough to realize that he had to keep the head and body separate, so that D could not go on his murderous rampage. Only burying the head, he hid the body in Crazy D's freezer. It's said on Halloween night that the freezer always thaws and D has the power to reassemble himself. He stalks the Crazy D truck stop, and others along the interstate, taking revenge on all truckers. After reading the article Dad chuckled and said, " Don't lose your heads. It's just a story." As we looked at each other with nervous laughter, the power went out again.


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