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Read Stories For Learning & Avoid Dull Textbooks

During our family’s time homeschooling, regular trips to the library were among our favorite activities. The kiddos would each return home with an armful of books spanning topics from A to Z. While some were purely for entertainment, others helped to build knowledge about the world. They learned content in all the major subjects without […]

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Biographies for Students: Free Books and Lesson Ideas

Dive into the captivating narratives and unique perspectives of noteworthy individuals through biographies for students. From inventors and explorers to activists, artists, and leaders, these stories inspire with tales of resilience and discovery, and showcase the power of positive contributions to the world. There are a variety of biography series that are written specifically for

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Snow Days

“Snow…I want to wash my hands, my face and hair with snow…” Yeah, no, not especially. I’m not a big fan of snow. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, we certainly had our share of it. Of course, we had fun as kids doing all the things kids do — the sledding, the snowball fights, building

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World Geography, History, and Cultures Projects

Complete these activities using your own curriculum and the following free resources: Online Resources CultureGrams: Online reference site with information on world geography, history, customs, and cultures of the world’s people. There are separate editions for kids, states, and provinces.username: mcmurraypassword: mcmurray NatGeo Kids Countriesno login required Rosen Learning Center Ebooks: Here, you will find

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Glencoe Science Units

Glencoe Science Modules covering topics in Life Science, Earth Science, Physics, and Chemistry. Besides the primary topics, each title includes a science skills handbook with explanation of the scientific method, try-at-home labs, and math skills review. Glencoe Science Modules: The Nature of Matter: Atoms, elements, compounds and mixtures; states, properties and changes of matter; the

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