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Read Stories For Learning & Avoid Dull Textbooks

During our family’s time homeschooling, regular trips to the library were among our favorite activities. The kiddos would each return home with an armful of books spanning topics from A to Z. While some were purely for entertainment, others helped to build knowledge about the world. They learned content in all the major subjects without […]

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Science Concepts - Related Experiments

Exploring Science Concepts With Fun, Related Experiments

Spark interest in learning basic science concepts by organizing experiments around a central theme. Here are some creative ways to structure and present related sets of science experiments. These are all free to access and are designed with everyday materials so you can do them at home. Book-Themed Experiments Turns out there’s lots o’ science

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Food Chain Fun: Picture Books and Activities for Learning About the Circle of Life

Picture books are a great tool for helping kids understand complex science concepts, in this case, food chains and food webs, the relationships between organisms and how they depend on each other for survival. Free Online Readers, Videos, Interactives and Activities: Take a look at these free online books, which can be downloaded as PDFs.

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Snow Days

“Snow…I want to wash my hands, my face and hair with snow…” Yeah, no, not especially. I’m not a big fan of snow. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, we certainly had our share of it. Of course, we had fun as kids doing all the things kids do — the sledding, the snowball fights, building

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Glencoe Science Units

Glencoe Science Modules covering topics in Life Science, Earth Science, Physics, and Chemistry. Besides the primary topics, each title includes a science skills handbook with explanation of the scientific method, try-at-home labs, and math skills review. Glencoe Science Modules: The Nature of Matter: Atoms, elements, compounds and mixtures; states, properties and changes of matter; the

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Buggin’ Out

For budding entomologists and nature detectives, these free insect lesson plans and investigations help take the learning outside:  Field Guides: Essential for comparing illustrations with actual crawlies and flying beasties discovered, and for learning fast facts. Here are a couple you can download for free: Orkin Guide: Has color photos and basic information on common

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Electricity and Magnetism

These free resources for learning about electricity and magnetism combine visual lessons with hands-on activities:  Energy Kids: Provides information on how electricity is generated and measured, and how it relates to magnetism. Includes experiments and games. Free Online Tutorials: Electric Circuits: Learn about how electricity flows to power everyday objects. Electrical to Thermal Energy: Learn

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