Science Concepts - Related Experiments

Exploring Science Concepts With Fun, Related Experiments

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Book-Themed Experiments

Progressive Complexity

science concepts

Mystery Investigations

Cross-Disciplinary Connections

Historical Time Travel

Make a sundial and learn about how ancient civilizations used them and other implements to measure time and seasons.

Science Around the World

  • Taste Test Different Teas: Compare and contrast the flavors, colors, and aromas of different types of tea. Here’s a caffeine free tea tasting and mixing experiment. Learn about the origins, history, and health benefits of different teas. You can also watch videos, read books, or do online research about tea ceremonies and traditions from different cultures, such as China, Japan, India, England, Morocco, and Turkey.
  • Make Your Own Flatbread: Bake flatbreads from various cultures and compare the ingredients and techniques used in each recipe. Learn about the history and traditions of each flatbread, and how they are used in different dishes and meals.

Art Integration

Invention and Problem-Solving

Other Themes

  • Experiments Through the Alphabet: Learn your science ABCs with experiments for each letter of the alphabet. Each lesson has a short video with a poem that introduces the science topic and activity.
  • Wizard Science: This series of activities combines chemistry and physics for results that seem like magic. Videos, step-by-step instructions, and resources for further exploration are provided.
  • Five Senses Experiments: Simple activities to highlight the amazing capabilities of the human body.

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