Buggin’ Out

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For budding entomolgists and nature detectives, these free insect investigations help take the learning outside: 

Field Guides: Essential for comparing illustrations with actual crawlies and flying beasties discovered, and for learning fast facts. Here are a couple you can download for free:

Orkin Guide: Has color photos and basic information on common insects, like bees, wasps, mosquitoes, flies, ants, etc. 24 pages.

EPA Bug Book: This more comprehensive garden guide contains pictures and information on good and bad bugs, bug control tips, homemade bugspray recipes, and plants that attract good bugs. 52 pages.

Field Studies:

Basic Insect Observation Worksheet

Workbook: Information and activities about mosquitoes, honeybees, and other insects.

Interactive Sites:

  • Insects and Bugs: Has a variety of interactives and games. 
  • Explore Bees: Smithsonian site features a collection of resources for studying bee behavior.

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Invertebrate Warriers
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Free Readers:

Love Those Bugs!

This Teaching Guide for the book has comprehension questions with answers, vocabulary, and writing prompts.

The Life and Times of the Ant

Ants of All Kinds

The Ant

The Lives of Social Insects

Arthropods Everywhere!

A Visit to a Butterfly Greenhouse


National Geographic Explorer Magazines:

Pollination Nation
Ant Farmers

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