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Access to the free biography resources begins with a visit to this Famous Americans site where elementary students learn facts to help break themselves out of digital escape rooms. (Fun puzzles for kids to solve). They’ll learn about Helen Keller, Ben Franklin, Rosa Parks, and a bunch of others.

And now for the free readers. The following is a list of Harcourt, Macmillan McGraw-Hill, and Scott Foresman biographies and historical readers for grades 2 – 6. Listed alphabetically; download for free. (Note: If a link goes to an error page, copy the URL and then “paste and go” to the link in a new tab).

Thomas Adams Invents Chewing Gum

Benedict Arnold

Clara Barton: The Angel of the Battlefield

Elizabeth Blackwell

Rachel Carson

George Washington Carver

Roberto Clemente: The Great One

Bessie Coleman

Woody Guthrie

More Biography Resources:

biography resources video: writing a biography
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Writing Help:

biography resources: biography organizer
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Biography Book Report Graphic Organizer

 How to use biographies to teach theme

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