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This post begins with descriptions of the free Journeys reading program resources available here. Scroll down for the actual links to each ebook, for grades K – 6. Clicking into the links will automatically launch the ebooks. The ebooks that are handbooks or workbooks have printable pages. To print, open a workbook and look at the buttons on the left side. The last button is “More.” Click into it to print pages, as shown in the following image:

Descriptions of the Ebooks: (Scroll down for ebook links).

Student ebooks provide lessons with reading and comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and writing exercises. There’s also a link to the In the News current events ezine.

Leveled Readers include target skills (like main idea), vocabulary, and writing exercises.

Additional tools are available for some of the grades. Lessons appear to align with the main student ebooks:

Reading Adventures Magazine includes literature and informational texts and activities.

Writing Handbooks include step-by-step exercises for writing different types of compositions. Pages can be printed. 

Write-In Readers have short comprehension, vocabulary, and handwriting exercises, with pages that can be printed. 

Reader’s Notebooks have spelling, vocabulary, and grammar lessons. Pages can be printed.

Cold Reads are reading comprehension passages with questions. Pages are printable.

Close Readers are for analyzing short text passages.

Grammar Snap Videos are short lessons on grammar topics.

Links to the Journeys Reading Program Ebooks:

27 thoughts on “Free Journeys Reading Resources”

  1. Mrs. Fortenberry

    Do you have access to the answer keys for 3rd and 5th grade cold reads? I am wanting to use these as retests for my Special Education students. Thanks in advance for any help you may can offer.

    1. Comment:
      I love the Free Journeys Reading Resource. I wish there are more of these out there.

      I can’t seem to find Journeys student ebook grade 3 book 3 for lesson 26-30. would you be able to help me with that, please.

      1. Whatever I have on this site is all I’ve found so far. If I come across it, I will post it and send you the info. In the meantime, have you seen the Journeys activities listed in this post?

  2. Thanks a million Ladies.

    Kindly assist where I can find Journeys Ebook grade 4, lesson 26-30.
    There’s Reader’s Notebook ( teacher’s Edition) for these lessons.

  3. Daniel Steve Villarreal, Ph.D.

    This is good stuff! I’m about to teach a true beginner, a young learner, English as a Foreign Language. Any thoughts or suggestions?

    1. Thank you for that link, do you have the same links for grade 1-3 and grade 5-6? How do I find these? I am looking for the weekly assesments and benchmark assesments specifically for each grade.

  4. I am looking for the weekly assesments and benchmark assesments specifically for each grade do you happen to have the links for these? Someone above posted them for 4th grade only.

  5. I can’t get the links to work anymore. The page opens but just spins and spins. Is anyone else having this problem?

  6. Hi!
    Any chance you have found any of the grade 6 projectables? Those would be a great addition to some of these resources! I love that you have the textbook digitally!

  7. Hi, TRAYKAY

    I was hoping that you may be able to find the Cold Reads for Grade 1 and 2?

    I very much appreciate your website.

    Regards Paul

    1. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find Cold Reads for Grades 1 and 2. I’ve checked the various sections of the Teachers Resources and have not seen them. I’ll add them if I come across them.

    2. I have added the Cold Reads for Grades 1 and 2 to the blog post. Those with access to Journeys teacher resources can find them in the Literacy Workshop under Assessments.

      1. Paul McGrath

        Great! Thank you. This has really helped me with at least 6/7 classes I am running。
        I am truely grateful xx

  8. Jean Barrett

    Tysm for this website! Is it possible to download the Journeys Write In Readers for each grade level? My school internet goes out alot and then I can’t access them. Thanks!

    1. I don’t think downloading can be done from the online site. It looks like you may be able to print individual pages from the “More” tab.

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