Ecology and Environmental Science

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Free textbooks, virtual labs, interactives, and activities for building units on ecology or environmental science: 

Here’s a download of free Earth Day activities, and an interactive worksheet All About Earth Day.

Ecology in your Own Backyard: Check out the free resources at EcologyOnline, with free videos and activities for exploring the ABCs of Ecology; and Watersheds.

There’s also CK-12’s Intro to Ecology, with 35 sections covering ecosystems and related topics. Sections include reading, related videos and links, and online practice questions. You can easily create your own “Flexbook” with only the sections you want to cover. The Ecology chapter is part of CK-12’s Life Science textbook.

Free Online Earth Day Games


Changes in Ecosystems

Life in an Ecosystem

Here are some links to free resources for explaining and learning about various ecology and environmental science topics through interactives, labs, assignments and activities. 

Levels of Organization: 

Food Chains/Webs

ecology: food chain video
Food Chain: Watch Video
Food Web: Watch Video

Symbiosis and Other Interactions:

This video on symbiosis is part of a TED-Ed lesson that includes questions and additional information.

Nature Cycles:

Nitrogen Cycle: Visualize the flow of nitrogen in the environment.

How Plants Affect the Atmosphere: Video, reading, and discussion questions.

Photosynthesis and Respiration

Interactive Google Doc

Earth’s Biomes:

  • Six Virtual Biomes: Description of plant and animal life in the major biomes and ecosystems.

    Habitats and Ecosystems: 

DK Find Out: Interactive illustrations on plants and animals in different habitats. 


  • Backyard Biodiversity: Kids search for animal life in microhabitats close to home. Involves observation, classification, and species mapping. Includes links to several citizen science projects.
  • Endangered Species Assignment: Using, create a graphic organizer comparing 4 endangered species from an area of the world.

Environmental Problems and Solutions

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