All About Cells

Last Updated on December 19, 2022 by TrayKay Many free science resources for elementary and middle-school grades. The section on cells features activities and labs, slideshows, games and quizzes, and links to interactives and other resources. 

Biology Corner: Another site with many lesson plans, worksheets and activities focusing on anatomy, biology and physics. The section on cells features lab activities, study guides, and interactive lessons.

Cells Alive: Interactive illustrations of animal, plant and bacteria cells. View the site’s BioCams to see cells growing. Downloadable worksheets are also available.

Cell Biology Slideshow: 242 slides

Chapter on Cells: 24 pages

Making Cell Models: Links to instructions for making cell models using all kinds of materials, including clay, jello, and more jelloThis worksheet contains instructions for making an edible plant or animal cell using sugar cookies, icing and candy. Use along with these animal and plant cell cross-section diagrams.

What Is A Cell? Watch Video

Cells Download
Instructional slides from a teacher’s site featuring information on cell theory, cell cycle, cellular respiration, cell similarities, cell structure and function.

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