American Revolution: Domino Effect

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Show how one thing led to another with these free resources exploring the causes of the American Revolution: 

Differing Points of View – Visit Project Look Sharp for an elementary teaching kit on the Causes of the American Revolution. For each cause, there’s a downloadable teacher’s guide and student worksheet, plus a list of supplementary resources. The materials include accounts of incidents from different viewpoints — for example, a description of the Boston Massacre from both the colonist and British perspectives. Other lessons include analyzing a Phyllis Wheatley poem, and comparing two 18th century “George” portraits (George Washington and King George III).

Role-Play Simulation – Scholastic’s Easy Simulations for the American Revolution provides a guide for conducting a five days of activities.

American vs. British Armies: See Slideshow

american revolution: patriots vs. redcoats

A Heroine of the American Revolution
Read about Sybil Ludington, the courageous 16-year old who rode 40 miles on horseback to warn the militia that the British were coming.

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