Atoms and Elements

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From BBC Bitesize:  Atoms, Elements, and Compounds

All About Atoms: Online, interactive tutorial

Watch an Atoms Video Lesson

Chem4Kids has information on matter, atoms, and the elements.

Understanding the Atom: Worksheets with answers for middle-school. 61 pp.

Periodic Table Resources:

Interactive Tutorials

Exploring the Periodic Table Part 1
Exploring the Periodic Table Part 2

Interactive Periodic Tables:

Periodic Table of Videos from the University of Nottingham
Periodic Table in Pictures and Words
Periodic Table Interactive: Tutorial
Photographic Periodic Table
Royal Society of Chemistry: interactive table featuring  information on the discovery of the elements, alchemical symbols, podcasts and videos on the elements
Funbrain Periodic Table Game
Printable Periodic Tables
More Printable Tables and Online Games

Free Readers:

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