History with Primary Sources

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Incorporating primary source analysis into your history studies is easier than ever these days due to a number of free sites with ready-made lessons and activities. Here are several for American history:

Write an Essay: At Historical Thinking Matters, learners are presented with conflicting accounts for debate, and prompts for writing essays.

Investigate a Historical Scene: Explore various case files to draw conclusions about historical events. What caused the Jamestown colony to fail? Who was responsible for the Boston Massacre? What was it like for children living during the Civil War? Through these and other investigations at Historical Scene Investigation, students become history detectives by analyzing evidence, searching for clues, and finally cracking the case.

Solve a History Mystery: At The Price of Freedom: Americans at War, explore the wars Americans have fought through primary sources.  

Compare Three Types of Native American Dwellings

Analyze Census Data  to get a better understanding of historical events.

Use Guided Analysis Worksheets: These worksheets, developed by the Education Staff of the National Archives and Records Administration, provide questions for examining: 

Visit the Library of Congress site for additional primary source study guides.

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