World Geography, History, and Cultures Projects

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Complete these activities using your own curriculum and the following free resources:

Online Resources

CultureGrams: Online reference site with information on world geography, history, customs, and cultures of the world’s people. There are separate editions for kids, states, and provinces.
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NatGeo Kids Countries
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Rosen Learning Center Ebooks: Here, you will find a variety of readers on ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Separate readers cover such topics as government, technology, culture, and daily life. Extensive planning guides for the readers include teaching ideas, worksheets, maps, vocabulary, and writing activities.
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PDF Resources

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Activities & Projects

Ancient/Modern ABCs Booklet: The idea
is to pick one person, place, or item for
each letter of the alphabet for the
ancient civilization or country you’re
studying. For each letter, give a brief
explanation of the subject, and include a
picture or drawing. Instructions for ABC Booklet projects can be found at the following links:

ABCs of Ancient/Modern China

ABCs of Ancient Modern India

Ideas for Ancient/Modern Egypt

Ancient Civilizations Newspaper
Includes planning sheets for
organizing articles, editorials, sports
pages, weather, etc. for your

Ancient India Interactive Notebook

Ancient Rome Unit Study Workbook

World History Foldables
(for high school)

Region/Country Worksheet: Gather
and summarize facts; critical thinking questions

More free projects for ancient civilizations and world geography.

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